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Standard FlexBollard (Natural Ground)

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Color: Blue


Designed for natural ground surfaces, the FlexBollard system is a harmonious blend of design and resilience. Mimicking the look of a rigid bollard, it deters vehicular impacts, yet offers 360° flexibility. Built to resist high winds and provide clear indication upon impact, it safeguards vehicles and slashes replacement and surface repair expenses. Its foundation is a 9” square steel base plate supporting various HDPE bollard sizes, all adorned with 3M Reflective Tape. With the ground spike anchoring hardware included, installation is straightforward and tool-free.


  • Deters vehicle impact by offering a rigid bollard appearance
  • Impact resistant with 360° flexibility
  • Withstands high winds
  • Delineates when hit
  • Eliminates replacement costs & damage to parking lot surface
  • Protects vehicle from unnecessary damage
  • Takes minutes to install with no special tools required


  • 9” square 7 Gauge Standard Steel Base Plate
  • 32” x 7”, 52" X 7 ", and 72" X 7" HDPE Bollard with 3M Reflective Tape
  • Anchoring hardware included for Natural Ground surfaces (Ground Spike).

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