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FlexPost-SM Channelizer Post

Color: Yellow


This channelizer is meticulously designed to meet MUTCD standards and has effortlessly passed the standard NTPEP test, ensuring its aptness for ensuring roadway safety. With a commitment to quality, it's not only NCHRP 350 and MASH-16 compliant but also stands 48 inches tall, ensuring maximum visibility from all angles. Crafted entirely from plastic, it offers durability with 360° visibility and is available in standard yellow and white colors. Its robust foundation is supported by an 8-inch round high-impact black plastic base. Each kit comes complete with the channelizer, hinge, base, and a variety of anchoring options suitable for asphalt, concrete, ground, or adhesive setups. Those seeking mobility can opt for the 18 lb. portable rubber base at an additional cost. Furthermore, there's an option to integrate a sign, with the sign installation kit available separately. Note: Signage is not included in the primary package.


  • Designed and built to meet MUTCD standards and easily passes the standard NTPEP test protocol.
  • Ideal for use in cities, parking structures and other areas where roadway safety hazards exist.


  • Meets MUTCD standards
  • NTPEP protocol tested, NCHRP 350 and MASH-16 compliant
  • 2-3/8″ diameter, 48″ tall
  • 360° visibility
  • All plastic construction
  • Standard colors: yellow and white
  • 8″ round high-impact black plastic base
  • Kit includes channelizer, hinge, base and mounting option
  • Anchoring options for asphalt, concrete, ground, adhesive (butyl pad), or 18 lb. portable rubber base (additional cost for portable rubber base)
  • Option for a sign installation kit (additional cost for sign install kit)
  • Sign not included

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